Тест 25. Выберите правильный вариант.

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Hurry up! If we______, we'll be late.

a) hurry c) don't hurry

b) not hurry d) '11 hurry

2. This time next week he______in the Black Sea.

a) swim c) '11 swim

b) '11 be swimming d) swims

3. He got more and more angry.______end he just walked

out of the room.

a) at c) at an

b) in the d) in

4. She wasn't well, but______of this she went to work.

a) in spite c) despite

b) although d) though

5. Sorry, I'm late. It took me______to get there than I ex­pected.

a) long c) longest

b) longer d) the longer

6. This is a very Тест 25. Выберите правильный вариант. difficult question______.

a) to answer it c) to answer

b) to answer to it d) answer

7. I didn't know you lived_______long way from the city


a) such a c) so

b) such d)enough

8. It's the second cup of tea she______this morning.

a) has had c) has

b) to have d) is having

9 It's crowded in here. There is hardly______to sit down.

a) nowhere c) anywhere

b) somewhere d) everywhere

10. It wasn't a very good volleyball match.________team

played well.

a) either c) both

b) neither d) both of

11. Children! Be careful! You may fall down the stairs and kick______.

a) yourself Тест 25. Выберите правильный вариант. c) themselves

'b) you d) yourselves

12. She lives in______building.

a) twenty-storey c) a twenty-storey

b) twenty storeys d) the twenty-storey

13. My father was feeling very tired when he came home. He ______hard all day.

a) worked c) was working

b) had been working d) has worked

14.1 know this student doesn't study hard now but_______

she______to study hard at school?

a) was, used c) is, used

b) did, use d) does, use

15. If you_____good grades at school tomorrow we______

you go out again all month.

a) '11 get, '11 let c) get,'11 let

b) '11 get, let d) get, let

16. Mr. Smith reads_____Daily Telegraph but Тест 25. Выберите правильный вариант. his wife reads


a)the,the c)the, —

b) -, - d) -, the

17. The decision______at this very moment.

a) is made с) is being made

b) was made d) has made

18. Obviously the population of the world________by the

year 2070.

a) will increase c) increase

b) increases d) will have increased

19. "I'd love a glass of juice." "______."

a) So would I c) I am also

b) So I would d) I had too

20. If we______a map with us, we______missed the turn­ing.

a) took, haven't c) had taken, wouldn't have

b) had taken, hadn't d) had taken, would not

Документ Тест 25. Выберите правильный вариант.